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Tips For Choosing The Perfect Domain Name

If your website mainly caters to the New Zealand market, then a Domain Name is the more preferable choice. This is because .nz domains are well recognised in the New Zealand Market.
If your website mainly caters to the International Market, then a .com Domain Name, would be the more preferable choice, as .coms are more widely recognised in the International Community
If both and .com domain names are available, we would recommend that you register them both.
The best domain names are short, easy to remember, and difficult to mis-spell.
Avoid using hyphens within the domain name. (the dash symbol -)
Avoid unusual spellings in your domain name, (e.g. supa instead of "super"), unless you already have a strong brand using this spelling.
Even if your company is not planning to set up a website or use the domain for email services, you should still register your companies domain as soon as you can, to protect your companies future online identity. As domain names can be registered by anyone, this means someone else could potentially register your domain if it hasn't already been registered. To get the domain back off them could prove difficult, and may mean going to court, or paying the registrant to buy the domain back off them. Therefore we recommend that all companies protect their online identity by registering their domain name as soon as you can.

We recommend if you can, registering any generic domain names that are associated with your companies line of work. eg. for a builder. It is however unlikely that generic domain names will still be available for .com domains, due to their popularity.

Beware of domain companies who offer unbelievably cheap domain registration prices. Some of these may register the domain name in their companies name, and if you want the domain back, they will charge you a large fee for transferring the domain name into your name.
There are many different domain extensions that we can register for you. Please click here to view what the different domain extensions mean.


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