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Corporate Web Hosting Plan


Our Corporate Web Hosting Plan is the Ultimate of Australasia based Web Hosting plans.

Our Corporate Web Plan features up to 150,000 MB of combined diskspace. This includes diskspace for both Website and Email Storage. It is also located on an Australasian based servers.

Our Corporate Web Plan also comes with a powerful control panel. The Control Panel allows clients to manage all aspects of their website hosting & email in real-time, using just their web browser.

Our Corporate
Web Plan at a glance:

150,000 MB Combined Diskspace ¹
Australasia Based Web Hosting Servers
Linux Servers
Single Website Hosting Plan
Site Statistics
POP, IMAP, and Webmail
100 Email Mailboxes
FREE Spam and virus filtering
Plus loads more
150,000MB Total Diskspace¹
Unmetered Traffic²
Australasia Based Servers
SSL Certificate Compatible (eg. https://) Additional costs apply
Linux Server Cluster
100 Email mailboxes ³
Single Website Hosting Plan,
POP, IMAP, and Webmail
FREE Spam and virus filtering
Web-based email (Atmail and Horde Mail)
24/7/365 Server Monitoring
24/7 FTP access
PHP 7, 5.3, CGI, Perl, MariaDB 10.1, MySQL 5
Email auto-responders
Full website statistics (AW Stats)

» Self Service Hosting System

The Hosting Control Panel has been designed to put you in 'total control' of your website hosting in real time. The Hosting Control Panel allows you to do the following using just your web browser:

Add Domain names with pre-defined DNS templates
Add statistics to your website
Add mailboxes and assign email addresses
Create auto-response email messages when on holiday
Restrict access to folders with passwords
Add mySQL databases and manage via your Web Browser
Browse your folders and set permissions and ownership
Manage MX, A, and C Name records


If your website has high traffic requirements, please email us with your websites details, including current or expected bandwidth usage.

Corporate & Business Class Hosting Plan Special Conditions:

¹ File archives and free email services are not permitted on these servers. This plan suits website's that are suitable for a shared hosting environment. Please click here to read more...

² This plan suits website's that are suitable for a shared hosting environment. Please click here to read more...
High Volume website's whose bandwidth usage becomes excessive and uneconomical and/or impracticable for us to host on a shared server environment, will be contacted by us. In the event we require you to move from a shared hosting account, we will discuss the options available to you, which may include hosting on virtual servers, or dedicated server hosting. What constitutes excessive bandwidth usage is decided by our upstream providers. Please be sure to email us if you expect your website to have high traffic requirements, or if you are planning on switching a high bandwidth website to this hosting plan.

³ Setting up free email services are not permitted on these servers. Email mailboxes storage is restricted by the total size, which is currently 5,000MB

You can only signup to this hosting plan, if you agree to setup and pay by monthly automatic payments. Details on how to setup automatic payments can be found by clicking here. Cheque payments are not permitted with this hosting plan.

Hosting Backups - Maintaining backups of your website, email and any other files you store on the server is a very important part of maintaining your website and online presence. So it is very important that all clients backup their website files, emails and databases on regular basis, and prior to making any major website changes. This allows that backup to be available to you in the event of data loss at any time. Clients are able to make manual backups by downloading files via FTP and extracting database backups from the control panel etc. Clients can make automated backups by using a third party backup service. Clients with critical business information or important data are strongly encouraged to use a third party backup service to protect their data from any unforeseen circumstances which include but are not limited to, server failures, data corruption or data loss or failure of any of our upstream providers. Although our upstream providers do server backups, these backups may not always be available. Clients must make sure that at all times they always have a copy of any data they store on the servers, including website and email data, and this is a requirement of using our services. At no time shall we assume any liability for lost customer content or data of any kind, including but not limited to emails, website files and databases.

EOL* - EOL is an acronym for 'End Of Life'. Server features that have (EOL) next to them, are those that have reached the end of their usable life, and the feature potentially could be removed from the server at any time, and without notice. Products reach the 'End Of Life' stage because the software vendor/developer has either replaced the software with a new version or an entirely new product, or they have phased it out. This means that they no longer provide any support for the software/feature, or provide any security fixes for it. Hence any features that we list that has (EOL) next to it, we don't provide any support for, and the feature is provided 'as is'. We also reserve the right to remove any EOL software/feature from the server without notice, especially if it becomes a security threat, as old software can become susceptible to hackers. Unlike many hosting providers who remove EOL features immediately, we will always try to keep an EOL product available for as long as is practicably possible.

Domain Registration Charges are an additional fee.

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