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Free Website Builder - RV SiteBuilder:

RV Site Builder New Zealand

Please note that RVSiteBuilder is now EOL (End of life) on our hosting plans. This means that it maybe removed at any time and without notice as the licensing expires. We suggest migrating off RVSitebuilder, and using a CMS such as Wordpress. There is an auto installer for Wordpress inside CPanel.

What's RVSiteBuilder?

RVSitebuilder is an advanced browser based website builderand CMS, that we provide for FREE to all our clients who are on a CPanel web hosting plan.

It allows almost anyone to setup a quality looking website in just a few minutes, using just your web browser. There is no software to download and install like with other website builders, you do it all online from any internet enabled computer. Now there is no need to spend thousands of dollars hiring a website designer, when you can do it yourself with no special software needed.

RVSitebuilders plugins, and robust content management features makes it easy for even non-programmers to create, market, and maintain a high-end web presence.

RVSiteBuilder Presentation
website builder nz
To sign up to our FREE Website Builder, you need to choose a Domain Name, and a CPanel web hosting plan, which you purchase through us on sign up. Our CPanel plans include our Small, Medium, Large, Super, or Extreme web hosting plans. The site builder does not work with our Unmetered web hosting plans.

When you are ready to sign up, please click the button below.


New In Version 5

New Interface

Improved Interface

Build quality websites faster in fewer steps.

Tryout Unlimited Pages

Build as many pages as your hosting plan can support.
Social Network Integration

Social Network
Adding social media functions is a snap – Like buttons, Like Boxes, Comment Box. You can even browse images from FaceBook.

DIY Template Over 1000 templates to choose from
Select a website design from over 1000 templates.
Single Page Preview Template Keyword Searching

Find the perfect template category with keyword search.
Double Sub-menu Double Sub-menu

Add two levels of sub-menu on navigation.
Draft Page Hiding Draft Features

Store working drafts until they are ready to publish.
DIY Template DIY Template

Build your own reusable templates, based on other templates. Some web design knowledge is required.
Double Sub-menu Head Tag Edit

Simply edit the head of website.
Draft Page Hiding Image Editor

Resize and rotate images you have uploaded.
Single Page Preview Single Page Preview

Work easier with single page previews.
Member Area Member Area

Password protected content areas.

RVSiteBuilder Features

  • Unlimited pages and subpages
  • Backup and restore project
  • Header Font and Link Style
  • Embed your code ex. Adsense, Glitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Member Area
  • Double Sub-menu
  • Content Margin
  • Font and Link Style
  • Image Editor
  • Social Network
Components Components
  • Photo album
  • Guest book
  • Ads News
  • Newsletter
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Photo Gallery
  • Blog
  • FAQ
  • Photo Gallery
Website Template Website Template
  • Royalty free website templates
  • General Template feature
  • DIY Template
  • Download and Import template system
  • New website templates added regually
  • Fine-grained Navigation Customization
  • Template Keyword Searching
  • Template Changing
  • Image library
  • Online flash editor
  • Content Template
  • Online Form
  • Online counter
  • Loading speed
  • JS, CSS, PHP place holder
  • Template Layout
  • Flies Attachment
  • Page Cloning
Extras Publish and Preview
  • Faster to publish
  • Draft Feature
  • Home Page Choosing
  • Single Page Preview
Free Media Extras
  • Custom page title
  • Custom META tag; META keywords, META description
  • Page effect
  • Custom page name
System Installation
  • You can setup RVSiteBuilder in your hosting account, by simply clicking on the 'RVSiteBuilder Icon' on the main CPanel page, as shown to the left. You can build one RVSiteBuilder website per CPanel account. Please note that you may need to delete the default parking page in the CPanel file browser if it still displays after setting up your RVSitebuilder website.


RVSiteBuilder Examples:


Website Name : Herbal
Website Name : Business

Website Name : Petshop
Website Name : Resort And Spa
Video Tutorials:

Click here to watch video tutorials, and see how easy it is to use RV Site Builder. Please note that some tutorials were written for V.4 of the software, but the same principles apply for V.5, which has recently been released. The complete set for V.5 will be added over time.

Important Notes:

Please note that RV Site builder can use a lot of disk space, including disk space for storing temporary files that are used to create the website. Therefore please make sure you purchase a hosting plan that includes enough disk space for it. Our smaller hosting plans may not be suitable depending on the size of your website, files and the number of projects you store in it. Advanced features such as blogs, galleries and guestbooks, that use databases can use alot more diskspace. If you do need more diskspace, please contact us to upgrade your hosting plan.

As with anything that you store on the server, you must also make sure that you make regular backups of anything that you store or install on the server, so that you have always got the latest version.

As RV Site builder is third party software that we provide for free, it maybe modified by the developers at anytime, which may add or remove/retire features without notice. We don't have any control over this due to it being third party software. Also RV Sitebuilder maybe removed at anytime without notice. Please be aware of this if you are planning on using RV site builder.

Please note that you don't need to use RV Site Builder to build your website with, on our network. You can infact use any software you wish, including Adobe Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression Web, Kompozer, or most CMS's such as Concrete 5, Wordpress, Joomla etc

Online Site Builders such as RV Site Builder are suitable for simple brochure type websites, however if you want more control over the design and features of your website, we would recommend you use a full content management system(CMS) or e-commerce system, such as the free ones you can auto install free inside CPanel. More information can be found by clicking here . Alternatively we would recommend hiring a professional website designer, or learn how to do web design yourself. Our hosting will support most systems available.


Technical Support for RVSiteBuilder:

We don't provide any technical support for using RVSiteBuilder, or any web design advice. This is because RVSiteBuilder is third party software that we provide free of charge for our CPanel™ users. There are video tutorials and a user guide for using RVSiteBuilder available by clicking here . Therefore RV SItebuilder is providered for free and is it provided 'AS IS'.
However if you do encounter server error messages when using it, please contact us and we will check to see if it is a technical problem with the software. Often errors can mean that you have run out of diskspace.


One RV Sitebuilder website can be setup per CPanel account. RV Site builder works with the primary domain that the CPanel account was setup with. RV Site Builder may not work with 'addon websites' that a client may have setup inside their CPanel account. RVSiteBuilder is available for free, on our Small, Medium, Large, Super and Extreme CPanel† Web Hosting Plans. RVSiteBuilder is also not available to users on our Corporate Web Plans, as it is only available through the CPanel™ brand of control panel.

Version 5.91

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